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  • Research activities

    My research domain concerns the "intelligent" analysis of data.

    We work on making sense of data by developing and using data-driven models using Machine Learning approaches (including artificial intelligence, artificial life and bio-inspired approaches) as an alternative to analytical models for classification, prediction, explanation and visualization. We aim at providing solutions to deal with the current scenario of "data deluge" (Big Data) and to provide innovative solutions for the new ubiquitous computing world (Internet of Things & Quantified Self).

    More details here

    Current projects at the HEIG-VD

    • ACTIDOTE: Activity as an Antidote. In collaboration with the HESAV & Hepia.
    • Smart-DAYS: Smart Distributed daily living ActivitY-recognition Systems. In Collaboration with ETHZ, funded by the Hasler Foundation.
    • Terra-i: an eye on habitat change. In collaboration with CIAT, King's College and The Nature Conservancy.
    • Science fiction & technology. In collaboration with the science-fiction museum "Maison d'Ailleurs" at Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.
    • Smart-Coach (Internal & collaboration with the HESAV).
    • Agrovision. In collaboration with Changins & He-Arc.
    • Smart-Crowd. In collaboration with HES-SO/Fribourg.

    Recent projects at the HEIG-VD

    • MNEMOSYS. In collaboration with the HES-SO He-ARC. Funded by the RCSO network.
    • PharMEA: Multi-Electrode Array technology based platform for industrial pharmacology and toxicology drug screening (FP7 European project)
    • PERPLEXUS: PERvasive computing framework for modeling comPLEX virtually-Unbounded Systems (FP6 European project)
    • TIC4AGRO: Revealing New Opportunities for Fruit growers in Colombia in a Collaborative Site-specific Agricultural Setup. In collaboration with CIAT. Funded by the KFH-DC program (PDF flyer)
    • NAVMEDIA: Navigation and exploration of self-organized business media (CTI project)
    • MYDESKPERSO: Moteur de personalité artifieiclle pour le robot-jouet Mydeskfriend (CTI project)
    • COCH: Precision agriculture and the construction of field-crop models for tropical fruit species (International project)
    • HITS: Neural network models for music hit prediction (Collaboration with PlatinumBlue NY)
    • MEMOSIS: Software for a Personal Memory Asisstant (Collaboration with the Neuropsychology unit - CHUV)

    Current Master and Diplôma projects

    • Emotional content of sounds
    • Terra-i gamification
    • Towards the characterization of the MEA electrical activity of Huntington disease

    Previous Master and Diplôma projects

    • Kinects and on-body sensors to help and assist elderly people
    • Terra-i on Google Earth Engine (in collaboration with King's College, CIAT and GoogleLabs)
    • A mobile application interface for Brain Computer Interfaces (in collaboration with EPFL)
    • Using GeneCraft (a tool for evolving artificial creatures) to evolve spider-like creatures
    • Gesture control of quadrocopters
    • Analysis of NDVI time series (in collaboration with CIAT - International Centre for Tropical Agriculture Research)
    • GeneCraft: a tool for evolving artificial creatures
    • Gesture control of an e-puck robot
    • Amazon-radar (in collaboration with CIAT - International Centre for Tropical Agriculture Research)
    • Analyse bio-inspirée de signaux de puces biotechnologiques (in collaboration with Ayanda Biosystems)
    • Robotique collective pour l'exploration et l'exploitation de ressources dans un environnement inconnu
    • Wireless multiplayer games
    • Audition vs. Emotion 2 project (in collaboration with the Neuropsychology unit of the hospital CHUV)
    • Simulation et évolution d'une population artificielle (in collaboration with HexaDec)
    • PerPlexJade: Simulation of a complex system using a pervasive system
    • LEADERS: Leadership emergence
    • HITS: Music hits prediction (in collaboration with PlatinumBlue)
    • ASID/ASIDEUX: Analysis of Satelite Image Data for environmental applications
    • Audition vs. Emotion project (in collaboration with the Neuropsychology unit of the hospital CHUV)
    • Automatic classification of color images by means of self-organizing maps
    • Mémosis: a software for a Personal Memory Assistant (in collaboration with the Neuropsychology unit of the hospital CHUV)
    • Analysis of FMRI images (in collaboration with the Neuropsychology unit of the hospital CHUV)
    • Genetic algorithms & co-desing approach for accelerating the comparison of biological sequences
    • Implementation of uCLinux on a uBlaze-based processor system
    • Hardware implementation of a Personal Memory Assistant

    Previous projects

    • UNIPRINT: Safe printing and anti-duplication protection of documents (@ HEIG-VD - CTI project with ELCA Informatique).
    • Robotic experiments on the evolution of cooperation and labour division in ants (@ EPFL & UNIL)
    • Data/text mining using artificial neural networks, evolutionary techniques, and swarm intelligence (@ AIBITS & EPFL)
    • Development of a robotics framework for studying the coevolution of signaling (@ UNIFR)
    • Reproducing primate reinforcement learning experiments using robots (@ UNIFR)
    • Robot simulation of learning and foraging bees (@ UNIFR)
    • Robots, embedded cognition, and the philosophy of mind (@ UNIFR)
    • Reinforcement learning and game learning (@ EPFL)
    • Design and digital implementation of a non-computationally-intensive neurocontroller for autonomous mobile robot navigation (@ EPFL)

    January, 2015